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Welcome to Feety's Place!

After a long, long absence, I've gotten back to these pages. If you've ever been here before the first thing you'll notice is the new design. It's nothing fantastic---I've never been accused of being a good designer---but it's at least a little bit more interesting than it used to be.

What's New?

I'm finally getting around to putting some actual content on my site! If my old description of myself isn't enough for you (maybe you want a less-biased source of information than the subject himself), I've started to take some of the personality tests on the Web to find out who I am.

What's Old?

I still plan on publishing some rants and raves (especially about HTML 4.0, what with all of the editing I had to do for the design) but I haven't gotten around to them yet. Sometimes it seems like lots of great ideas are piling up in my brain, but I just don't have enough time to get them out and into electronic form.

Just so I don't forget, here's the old list of "things that might show up here someday":

Rants Not to be confused with irrational outbursts, these would be an explanation of things that bug or annoy me, with (hopefullly) rational and logical reasoning.
Raves The same, but different. Raves are the flip side of the coin, or, to use an analogy: "raves : things I like :: rants : things I don't like". Chances are, there will be a lot fewer raves than rants.
Projects I've been awful at keeping documentation for the stuff I've been working on up-to-date. True, I haven't had all that much to document recently, but I'm sure it would be easier if I had a place set aside for it already.
Events Don't know if this is really any different from the Raves section above.

And as all personal pages must, here's more about me and more about the name "Feety".

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