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Who is this guy?

On a crisp January evening, the night sky changing from navy to truly black, a husband and wife became parents for the first time. They knew that they had started down a new road, a road that neither had traveled before. New experiences were to be had, new mistakes to be made and learned from. Unexplainably, they named their child Jared. I still can't figure that one out.

Time passed, and the child travelled down the road with his parents, later to be joined by a brother, and eventually, a sister. The journey took him far and wide, and taught him many things, not the least of which was that luncheon meat doesn't get better with age.

I really would continue with the deeply moving recollection of my life, but I'm just not able to do so entirely seriously (as you might have noticed). Suffice it to say that as I grew up, I found that my road had led me inexorably to the information super-park'n'ride. So here I am.

What does he do?

I'm a developer for a certain large software company located here in Washington. I'm not going to tell you which software company, because they might send out their heavies to have a little "chat". Or even worse, they'd send their lawyers.

But I can tell you about some of the stuff I do on my own time.

(I didn't say I would, just that I could. Give a guy some privacy, eh?)

How can I get a hold of him?

Just take a gander at my all-new Contact Feety page.

Why would I want to get a hold of him?

Beats me.

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