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What you will find reviewed here are solid chocolates and chocolate bars. I will review milk chocolate as well as dark chocolates. I will not review more complex chocolate candies such as cordials, truffles, or other chocolates that have stuff in them (jellies, nuts, dried fruit, etc.) After all, I can only do so much and people's individual tastes when it comes to chocolates with other flavors in them are too highly variable for my reviews to have much meaning.

Where possible I have scanned in the labels from these confections so you'll know them when you see them in your local confectionary shop. Click on the name of a particular chocolate in its review for a full size version. Some of these make lovely background images.

My rating system is, I hope, simple and intuitive. The more little chocolate bars () on a scale of 0 to 5, the better. The accompanying text explains why a particular chocolate has the rating it does and any other interesting things I may have to say about it.

If I haven't reviewed something you would like to see reviewed here, please e-mail me at cloister(at)hhhh(dot)org. A New! icon indicates that the category has been added or expanded recently

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