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Ablative of Specification.


The Ablative of Specification denotes that i* respect which anything is or is done :

a. To this head are to be referred many expressions where the ablative expresses that in accordance with whicb anything is or is done

NOTE: As the Romans bad no such categories as we make, it is impossible Classify all uses of the ablative. The ablative of specification (originally inst mental) is closely akin to that of manner, and shows some resemblance to means catwe.

For the Supine in as an Ablative of Specification, see §510.

b. The adjectives dignus and ind!gnue take the aNative:

NOTE 1: So the verb dignor in poetry and later prose: as, - hand equidem tan me dignor honors (Aen. i. 335), I do not deem myself worthy of such an honor.

NOTE 2: Dignus and indignus sometimes take the genitive in colloquial usage and in poetry: -