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Certain adjectives of quantity are used in the Genitive to denote indefinite value. Such are migni, parvi, tanti, quanti, plt*ri8, min*ris:

NOTE: These are really Genitives of Quality (§345. b).

a. The genitive of certain colorless nouns is used to denote indefinite value. Such are nihill (nili), nothing; assis, a farthing (rare); flocci (a lock of wool), a straw nCn ilocci facis (Att. xiii. 50), 1 * twt a straw. [Colloquial.]

b. With verbs of exchanging, either the thing taken or the thing given in exchange may be in the Ablative of Price. Such are mUti, commUt*, permut*, vert*

NOTE: With verbs of exchanging cum is often used, pa rhals with a different co ception of the action: as, -

c. With verbs of 1)uying and selling the sim*e Ablative of Pri must be used, except in the case of tanti-, quanti, plu riB, mln*ris: