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Alius and Alter.


Alius means simply other, another (of an indefinite number); alter, the other (of two), often the second in a series; céterí and reliquí, all the rest, the others; alteruter, one of the two: -

NOTE: Alter is often used, especially with negatives, in reference to an indefinite number where one is opposed to all the rest taken singly: -

a. The expressions alter ... alter, the one ... the other, alius ... alius, one ... another, may be used in pairs to denote either division of a group or reciprocity of action: -

b. Alius and alter are often used to express one as well as another (the other) of the objects referred to: -

c. Alius repeated in another case, or with an adverb from the same stem, expresses briefly a double statement: -