cloister's home page

welcome to my homely home page. i logged on this evening thinking "gee, i should really spruce up my home page." but then i couldn't think of a tasteful way of doing it, so you still won't find any glitz here. no java applets. no frames. no horrible color schemes. no background images. no blinking text. no shockwave. no real audio. if you want glamor, go away. the graphic shown on my chocolate review page are about as glamorous as i get. if you want content, however, read on. yes, it's boring looking, but i'll bet it loaded faster than most other people's home pages.

if you find you can't do without some glitz in the next few seconds or you'll just die, then you can look at my chocolate review page or my bandwidth-hungry self glorification gallery. i'm afraid that's the best you'll get here.

stuff i actively work on, or have at least worked on recently:

stuff i used to work on, but now largely ignore:

stuff i occasionally think about:

gratuitous stuff:

you can reach me at: