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June 28, 2000
I'm retiring. You heard it here first. This week's list will be the last pricelist that I publish. Click on the link to learn more.

Update: 08/17/00. Robert Kerr of England send me a bugfix for my pricelist software. I have updated the distribution to include the fix, so if you downloaded my software previous to July 17th, you might want to get the updated package...

Other Pricelist Sites

Hopefully, people will click on the above link, download my software, and set up their own pricelist websites. If they do, and they let me know about it, I'll post links to their sites here. My goal is to, as smoothly as possible, transition to other people having primary responsibility for making and publishing weekly pricelists.

Pricelist Related Software

People who actually do download my software and play with it have found themselves writing some other tools to help them along. Some of them have been (or will be shortly, so they promise me) nice enough to contribute their tools to the cause, so I can make them available at a central location for the greater good of the pricelist community. That central location is here. Click away, and download to your heart's content.

The old page you knew and loved:

Below the following hrule is everything from my original pricelist page. Don't expect anything below this line to change. Ever.

This is my page for all stuff relating to my pricelists for Magic: the Gathering. I used to do lists for Jyhad: The Eternal Struggle, and Star Trek: the Collectable Card Game, too, but I don't anymore. Demand for those lists was never overwhelming, nor was the data from which to make them.

First, let me say that the answers to your questions are all here on these web pages somewhere. It's been a long long time since anyone asked me something that wasn't already posted here. If you ask me something that's in the News and Announcements, in the FAQ, or in any of the other pages here, odds are poor that you'll get a response other than a relevant URL from me, if you get a response at all. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm really just fed up with questions from people who were too lazy to read these web pages before sending me mail.

Note that I do not buy, sell, or trade these cards myself. People keep sending me mail asking if I'd like to buy theirs, or if they can buy mine, and I'm getting tired of telling them I can't. So that's it, folks. That's the whole story. Stop asking already, and go visit the Organized Comprehensive Magic Resource List, listed at the end of this page. They list all sorts of web pages devoted to that

Current Price Lists

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Search Engine

Those who bother reading the News and Announcements section have had a sneak preview for some time, and now I'm pleased to announce to the general public: the search engine I've been wanting to put up for many months now is finally open for business! Search to your heart's content.

About My Price Lists

Due to popular demand, here are a couple of handy informational links for you folks who just have to know how things work:

Other Magic Related Web Pages

I used to list other M:tG pages here, but I don't do that anymore. There are people out there with far more skill and enthusiasm for categorizing web sites than I have. So I have worked out an agreement with one such site that does exclusively magic links. From now on you can all go visit the Organized Comprehensive Magic Resource List instead. If you ask me to list your site, I won't; I'll just forward you on to them. So skip the extra step and get yourself listed with them in the first place.

Previous Price Lists

After much, much to much delay, FTP access to previous pricelists is once again available. Point your FTP client or web browser at and download to your heart's content...