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cloister's photo gallery

an unsuccessful attempt to measure voltage across my bicep using an ordinary digital multimeter. it sort of worked; we got rather highly variable signals in the 0 to 50 millivolt range that seemed more to depend on the quality of the probe-to-skin contacts than with anything about how tensed or relaxed the muscle was.

an old photo of me at my old job at the U.W.'s academic computing center (the ACC). my beard was a bit more unruly then...

a somewhat more recent picture of me taken on an trip to theAirPlay Paragliding School. dig the stylish helmet with its dual side-mounted walkie-talkies, eh? The artsy composition and stark black-and-whiteness is due to the photographer, one Warren Stevens

a truly gratuitious blow up of my face from the preceeding image. the unfortunate lack of contrast is due to rather harsh lighting in the original image. this was the best i could do with the scanner.

a picture from a recent trip to utah to see my grandma. from left to right, the picture contains:
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