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Other Dactylic Verses.


Other dactylic verses or half-verses are occasionally used by the lyric poets.

a. The Dactylic Tetrameter alternates with the hexameter, forming the Alcmanian Strophe, as follows: -


=o for|t=es pê|i=oraque | pass=i

m=ecum | saepe vi|r=i, || nunc | v=in=o | pellite | c=ur=as;

cr=as in|g=ens ite|r=abimus | aequor.

- Hor. Od. i. 7 (so 28; Ep. 12).


b. The Dactylic Penthemim (five half-feet) consists of half a pentameter verse. It is used in combination with the Hexameter to form the First Archilochian Strophe: -


diff=u|g=ere ni|v=es, || rede|unt iam | gr=amina | camp=is,

arbori|busque co|mae;

m=utat | terra vi|c=es || et | d=ecr=es|centia | r=ip=as

fl=umina | praetere|unt. - Hor. Od. iv. 7.


For the Fourth Archilochian Strophe (Archilochian heptameter, alternating with iambic trimeter catalectic), see § 626. 11.