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Dative of Separation.


Many verbs of taking away and the like take the Dative (especially of a person) instead of the Ablative of Separation (§ 401).

Such are compounds of ab, dé, ex, and a few of ad: -

NOTE: The Dative of Separation is a variety of the Dative of Reference. It represents the action as done to the person or thing, and is this more vivid than the Ablative.

a. The distinct idea of motion requires the ablative with a preposition - thus generally with names of things426.1): -

NOTE: Sometimes the dative of the person and the ablative of the thing with a preposition are both used with the same verb: as, - mihi praeda dé manibus éripitur (Verr. ii. 1. 142), the booty is wrested from my hands.