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Interest and Réfert.


The impersonals interest and réfert take the Genitive of the person (rarely of the thing) affected.

The subject of the verb is a neuter pronoun or a substantive clause:

a. Instead of the genitive of a personal pronoun the corresponding possessive is used in the ablative singular feminine after interest or refert:

NOTE: This is the only construction with refert in classic prose, except in one passage in Sallust (see example above).

b. The accusative with ad is used with interest and refert to express the thing with reference to which one is interested:

NOTE 1: Very rarely the person is expressed by ad and the accusative, or with refert by the dative (probably a popular corruption): -

NOTE 2: The degree of interest is expressed by a genitive of value, an adverb or an adverbial accusative.