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A question of simple fact, requiring the answer yes or no, is formed by adding the enclitic -ne to the emphatic word: -

a. The interrogative particle -ne is sometimes omitted: -

NOTE: In such cases, as no sign of interrogation appears, it is often doubtful whether the sentence is a question or an ironical statement.

b. When the enclitic -ne is added to a negative word, as in

an affirmative answer is expected. The particle num suggests a negative answer: -

NOTE: In Indirect Questions num commonly loses its peculiar force and means simply whether.

c. The particle -ne often when added to the verb, less commonly when added to some other word, has the force of nonne: -

NOTE 1: This was evidently the original meaning of -ne; but in most cases the negative force was lost and -ne was used merely to express a question. So the English interrogative no? shades off into eh?

NOTE 2: The enclitic -ne is sometimes added to other interrogative words: as