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Adjectives denoting pertaining to are formed from noun-stems with the suffixes -

-ális, -áris, -élis, -ílis, -úlis nátúr-ális, natural;
popul-áris, fellow-countryman; populus, a people.
patru-élis, cousin; patruus, uncle.
host-ílis, hostile; hostis, an enemy.
cur-úlis, curule; currus, a chariot.

NOTE: The suffixes arise from adding -lis (stem li-) to various vowel stems. The long vowels are due partly to confusion between stem and suffix (cf. vítá-lis, from vítá-, with rég-ális), partly to confusion with verb-stems: cf. Aprílis (aperíre), edúlis (edere), with senílis (senex). -ris is an inherited suffix, but in most of these formations -áris arises by differentiation for -ális in words containing an 1 (as mílit-áris).