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Prepositions are regularly used either with the Accusative or with the Ablative.

a. The following prepositions are used with the Accusative: -

ad, to. circiter, about. intrá, inside.
adversus, against. cis, citrá, this side. iúxtá, near.
adversum, towards. contrá, against. ob, on account of.
ante, before. ergá, towards. penes, in the power of.
apud, at, near. extrá, outside. per, through.
circá, around. ínfrá, below. póne, behind.
circum, around. inter, among. post, after.
praeter, beyond. secundum, next to. ultrá, on the further side.
prope, near. suprá, above. versus, towards.
propter, on account of. tráns, across.

b. The following prepositions are used with the Ablative: - [1][For palam etc., see § 432.]

á, ab, abs, away from, by. é, ex, out of.
absque, without, but for. prae, in comparison with.
córam, in presence of. pró, in front of, for.
cum, with. sine, without.
, from. tenus, up to, as far as.

c. The following may be used with either the Accusative or the Ablative, but with a difference in meaning: -

in, into, in. sub, under.
subter, beneath. super, above.

In and sub, when followed by the accusative, indicate motion to, when by the ablative, rest in, a place: