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Distributives are used as follows: -

a. In the sense of so many apiece or on each side: as, singula singulís, one apiece (one each to each one); agrí septéna iúgera plébí dívísa sunt, i.e. seven jugera to each citizen (seven jugera each), etc.

b. Instead of cardinals, to express simple number, when a noun plural in form but usually singular in meaning is used in a plural sense: as, bína castra, two camps (duo castra would mean two forts). With such nouns tríní, not terní, is used for three: as, trína (not terna) castra, three camps; terna castra means camps in threes.

c. In multiplication: as, bis bína, twice two; ter septénís diébus, in thrice seven days.

d. By the poets instead of cardinal numbers, particularly where pairs or sets are spoken of: as, bína hastília, two shafts (two in a set).