PhD Thesis

Thesis title: Garment Integrated and Deployable Technology.

I did my Ph.D. work at the University of South Australia's Wearable Computing Laboratory studying under Dr. Bruce H. Thomas. My degree is in Computer Information Technology. My thesis research focused on developing new ways to support mobile users, given the advances in functionality that can be expected for mobile devices over the next five to ten years. My work specifically focused on emerging deployable and garment integrated devices.

Deployment is a new way to use mobile devices - where they are temporarily set down for the user interaction. Examples would be a cell phone that projects a display out into its environment. Cell phones have made it common to always have a very powerful net connected device within arms reach. Garment integration of technology, my other focus, is an extension of this trend looking at ways technology can always be carried and provide benefit for its user in ways that do not require the deliberate use of handheld devices.

A PDF version of my thesis is downloadable here.