Ok, so you can see in this "before" picture that my shop wall was growing saws on the wall like black mold. It was always a pain to get the saw I wanted and I usually "made due" with a saw that was close to what I wanted for the task at hand. Having a saw till has proved amazing. Having a saw till did more than just clean up a pile of saws, it provided quick access to the right tool. That in turn not only really sped up my work, but improved the quality as I used was finally using the right tool for the task at hand.

I was inspired to build a saw till after I saw the sawtill at Dan's Shop I really love the curve to the sides of his till. Unfortunately I need to plan on a move to a smaller shop, that I might have to share, and that means square locking cabinets.

I built my saw till in a square carcass so that I can add doors to it later. The till has three bays. The left bay holds four twenty six inch saws, the middle bay holds saws twenty-four inches and smaller saws, and the right bay is for backsaws. It is designed to hold five 18 inch back saws.

There is a sacrificial strip of wood screwed to the back of the case. The strip has a notch for each blade and provides a little protection for the teeth. I don't think the strip was needed. I plan on building a drawer for under the right two bays. For now though it makes a sweet place for my block planes.