Homemade Chemistry Set

With one or two notable, but prohibitively expensive, exceptions modern chemistry sets all suck. So long term my goal is to make chemistry set that doesn't suck for my nephew. Once I started on the project I was quickly surprised to discover I wanted one for myself as well. Now I am working with my friend Phil on pulling a set together a cheaper chemistry set suitable for both adults and kids.

The set is being built one experiment at a time. These pages document the experiments that both my nephew and I have done together, as well as the ones I plan on doing with him. Eventually I will try and provide enough detail so that each experiment can be replicated, as well as notes on age appropriateness, what went right, and and things to avoid. For now this should at least give other people useful ideas.

Older Chemistry Set Manuals
The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments is just an amazing book. Its from the 1960s, and all of the experiments are safe, or information is up to date, but even 60 years later its still an amazing resource.
Gilbert Chemistry Outfit - 1936 (Need a link to the real manual, this just points to some experiments and adds).
Glassblowing Links