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Personality Tests

I'm just starting the process of taking these tests, so I don't have my results from all of them yet. I also haven't had a chance to review the tests, so I can't say anything about how interesting they are. For the curious among you, the entire list of "tests I plan to get to eventually" is at the bottom of this page.

Test Reviews

These are the tests I've already taken, along with my results and commentary. They are loosely sorted in decreasing seriousness and accuracy.

Tests I'm Planning to Take Soon

Here's the next couple of tests I'm planning to take, in the order I expect to take them.

Other Tests

Every other link I get for a test is here, in no particular order. When the "Tests I'm Planning to Take Soon" list gets short, I'll move a few items up from this list. Some of these links may point to redundant tests or obsolete pages. Follow at your own risk.

As I said before, let me know if there are any other tests you think I should take.

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