Pricelist Related Software

Now that people are actually communicating with me and working on pricelist sites of their own, it's time for me to put up a page where I can share with you the additional software tools, accessories, etc., that they have contributed. For the sake of completeness, there's some of my own stuff here too. Here's hoping you find any of this useful:

pricelist.tgz (2192k) This is my main pricelist software distribution. If you want to make pricelists of your own using my software, this is the principle file you'll need. cloister(at)hhhh(dot)org
query-engine.tgz (4k) My PERL-based query engine. This is the query engine you've probably used in the past to search my pricelist files, and an associated HTML front-end. This script is generic in case you ever produce lists for more than one card game and support them all with a single query engine. cloister(at)hhhh(dot)org
sucknews.tgz (9k) A python-based usenet-news downloader, suitable for replacing the 'suck' utility included in my distribution. With documentation! (1.6k) A perl script that translates a pricelist into 26 smaller HTML files, one per letter of the alphabet, which are suitably formatted for use on wireless or small screen PDA devices.