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Heartfelt Thanks

There are kind souls out there who share the love of chocolate with me, and who have helped me in one way or another with it. To them go my many thanks for helping make my chocolate review page better than it would have been without them.

Judy Schnieder
For sending me some actual Cadbury's chocolate from the actual Cadbury factory in England. Needless to say, I can't find English Cadbury in Seattle because the Hershey company seems to have a lock on things with the Cadbury name in the states.
Karen Breunig
Also affectionately known as mom, For sending me the Newman's Own chocolates, plus a bunch of other yummy chocolates that have nuts in them so didn't get reviewed.
Mickey Phoenix
For alerting me to and providing me with some Trader Joe's chocolates.
Arnoud Jippes
For sending me eight different chocolates from the Netherlands. I promise I'll review them soon, Arnoud.
Detlef Vogelsang
For sending me a fourteen different German chocolates and one from Australia!
Laura Benedict
Laura, my godmother and the woman who I can't thank enough for getting me into chocolate when I was young, for sending me some amazingly foreign chocolates from her recent trip to India and Russia.
Tom Hansen
For sending me a bunch of stuff from Denmark, including some hard to get Michel Cluizel chocolates and even some Green&Black's from England!
Karin Blomquist
For her contribution of Marabou milk chocolate, and her offer to send more later.
Alex Rhomberg
For his contribution of Frey chocolate and of two Nestle varieties that aren't available here.
Allison Morris
For her generous contribution of El Rey chocolates.