From:Aaron Jones
Subject:Keyspan firmware loader for Windows
Date:8 December, 2005 9:00:30 AM PST
To:Wim Lewis

[……] So, I have finally figured out how to load stuff onto this thing using the available windows drivers […] This may have been obvious to everyone else, but it took me a while to figure out. Well, I figured if it was tough for me to figure out it might be tough for others to figure out too, so even though you are a mac guy I thought you might add a quick word on how to do this for windows on your keyspan page. In all honesty I am more into linux and using this thing with fxload is childs play but unfortunately my main use for it was with the EzHid project and four n64 controllers, and mupen64 just can't touch the performance of 1964 or pj64. So, just in case you care here's what I have learned.

there are two ways to load the n64pad.ihx (or any ihx) into the keyspan that I have found

Using the EZ-USB development kit from cypress (just do a search on ez-usb development kit and it's the second link, unles you have an fx2)

Once the dev kit is installed it should have put two files into the c:\windows\inf and c:\windows\system32\drivers folders. The file c:\windows\inf\ezusbw2k.inf is the inportant one. Open that and add these lines

under [Cypress] add

%USB\VID_06CD&PID_0180.DeviceDesc%=EZUSB.Dev, USB\VID_06CD&PID_0118

under [Strings] add

USB\VID_06CD&PID_0180.DeviceDesc="Keyspan EZ-USB"

it should now detect your keyspan as a ezusb device. You can open up the EZ-USB control pannel and should see it as a usb device. Now just click on the download firmware button to navigate to your firmware and load it up. You can also do a bunch of stuff now with the control pannel but I haven't messed with it.

Using the loadez program from

Download the EZ-USB autoloader in VC and unzip it somewhere it should contain the files loadez.sys loadez.inf and generic.sys. These are the only important ones unless you want to change the code.

Now you need to change the loadez.inf file like so

under [DeviceList] add

%DESCRIPTION%=DriverInstall, USB\VID_06CD&PID_0180

Now copy your ihx or hex file into the same directory and rename it 06CD0180.HEX. (I only figured this one out by looking at the code. HOW ABOUT SOME COMMENTS or maybe a README Mr. Intel Guy!!!)

You should now be able to point to that directory when it asks for a driver and it will automatically load the driver then your firmware.

The VID and PID numbers on your EZ-USB device might be different so check them out in linux by typing 'cat /proc/bus/usb/devices' or in the device properties in windows under details. This should work with any EZ-USB device and with any Firmware in the correct hex format. Don't forget to change that hex file to the format VID#PID#.HEX. That one threw me for a while

I hope you will find this worth posting on your site and if not thanks for your time. I found a lot of good info on your site so thanks for that


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