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Ablative of Degree of Difference.


With Coniparatives and words iniplying comparison the ablative is need to denote the Degree of Difference:

a. The ablatives qu*. . . eli (hI:), and quant5... tan*, are used *orrelatively with comparatives, hke the English the . . . the: - [1][In this phrase the is not the definite article but a pronominal adverb, being the Anglo-Saxon thý, the instrumental case of the pronoun thaet, that. This pronoun is used both as relative (by which, by how much) and as demonstrative (by that, by so much). Thus the the corresponds exactly to quó eó.]

NOTE: To this construction are doubtless to be referred all cases of qu* and el (hOc) with a comparative, even when they have ceased to be distinctly felt as degree of difference and approach nie Ablative of Cause:

b. The Ablative of Comparison (§406) and the Ablative of Degree of Difference are sometimes used toge*her with the same adjective :

But the construction with quam is more common.