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Noun and Adjective Forms.


The following Noun and Adjective forms are also include[QUERY] in the inflection of the Latin Verb: -

a. Four Participles,[1][The Participles are adjectives in inflection and meaning, but have the power [QUERY] verbs in construction and in distinguishing time.] viz.: -

Active: the Present and Future Participles.

Passive: the Perfect Participle and the Gerundive.[2][The Gerundive is also used as an adjective of necessity, duty, etc. (§ 158. d). I late use it became a Future Passive Participle.]

b. The Gerund: this is in form a neuter noun of the second declension used only in the oblique cases of the singular.

c. The Supine: this is in form a verbal noun of the fourth declension in the accusative (-um) and dative or ablative ()[3][Originally locative.] singular.