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Adjectives of One Termination.


The remaining adjectives of the third declension are Consonant stems; but most of them, except Comparatives, have t[QUERY] following forms of i-stems: - [1][For details see § 121.]

In the other cases they follow the rule for Consonant stem[QUERY]

a. These adjectives, except stems in l- or r-, form the nominative sing[QUERY] lar from the stem by adding s: as, atróx (stem atróc- s), egéns (st[QUERY] egent- s).[2][Stems in nt- omit t before the nominative -s.]

b. Here belong the present participles in -ns (stem nt-)[3][Stems in nt- omit t before the nominative -s.]: as, amáns, moné[QUERY] They are declined like egéns (but cf. § 121).