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Adjectives of Three and of Two Terminations.


Adjectives of Three Terminations are thus declined: -

ácer, ácris, ácre, keen, STEM ácri-

NOM. ácer ácris ácre ácrés ácrés ácria
GEN. ácris ácris ácris ácrium ácrium ácrium
DAT. ácrí ácrí ácrí ácribus ácribus ácribus
ACC. ácrem ácrem ácre ácrís (-és) ácrís (-és) ácria
ABL. ácrí ácrí ácrí ácribus ácribus ácribus

a. Like ácer are declined the following stems in ri-: -

NOTE 1: This formation is comparatively late, and hence, in the poets and in early Latin, either the masculine or the feminine form of these adjectives was sometime used for both genders: as, coetus alacris (Enn.). In others, as faenebris, fúnebris, illús tris, lúgubris, mediocris, muliebris, there is no separate masculine form at all, and these are declined like levis (§ 116).

NOTE 2: Celer, celeris, celere, swift, has the genitive plural celerum, used only as noun, denoting a military rank. The proper name Celer has the ablative in -e.