Chad Hollerith and the Perforations

Chad Hollerith and the Perforations is a Rock-and-Roll/Doo-Wop group with an amazing lead vocalist and tight harmonies. The group's one album, Chad Hollerith and His Perforations, was released in 1956. They have also released several singles and have built a small but loyal following of their live performances.


Chad Hollerith
Lead Vocalist, Harmonica
Billy Keepunch
Electric Guitar, Backup Vocals
Bobby Keepunch
Drums, Backup Vocals
Howard Baudot
Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals
Stuart MacFitzO'Shaughnessy
Keyboard, Backup Vocals


The group was first concieved of when three kids growing up in the rural Midwest thought it would be fun to start a band to be just like the other popular acts of the time. These three kids (Chad Hollerith and Billy and Bobby Keepunch) went on to form the group in high school with the addition of two more classmates, Howard Baudot and Stuart ``Eddie'' MacFitzO'Shaughnessy.

More to come!

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