Math in the real world

The wether has been below freezing for a week and a half. The garage windows has remained frosted over for most of that time. Looking at the window it struck me as an example of “Math in the real world”. The metal window sills leaked heat out of the glass forming a differential curve. Looked to me like a k(1/X +m) curve – or maybe a tangent function. Weird but it made me happy.

Moving the mill

So really I should Ban Ian from my shop entirely – but that is hard to do when he shows up for things like moving the mill. The middle picture there shows my justifications to ban him – the ridiculous poses he strikes around my tools whenever a camera comes out – the other pictures show why I am unlikely to ban him – the mill he showed up to move.

The move was part of optimizing my shop layout. I moved the mill over to where I had space to build a coolant cage around it, and added vibration dampening feet to it. The feet really help with vibrations caused by “high speed” CNC moves. Without the feet my mill would walk whenever I drove it faster than about 30IPM.