The Stiffies

The Happy Hopeless Hackers have not always lived in the Happy Hopeless Hacker House. We know this because sometimes we get mail for people we don't know and who have never lived here. I guess that could also be the Post Office being annoying, but I tend to think that we weren't really the first... Such a shock.

Anyway, on one of these occasions, before I (Brenda) was actually living here, someone (mistakenly?) decided to open the envelope, which was addressed to ``The Stiffies!'' (It's quite conceivable that ``Hackers'' could be misconstrued as ``Stiffs'', don't you think?) Inside was a floral invitation card with a most amusing note on the inside.

I guess it wasn't for us after all, since we don't know any people or organizations named Crotch Waffle. The card lives on our mantelpiece now, and periodically someone will mention Crotch Waffle. We [that is, I] think maybe both the Stiffies and Crotch Waffle are bands.