HHHH Jumps on the Bandwagon!

Everybody's doing it, and it's just so easy to succumb to peer pressure... welcome to our bandwagon page, where we plaster the images, banners, and logos for things which have some tie -- no matter how small -- to this site.

With the official recommendation of HTML 4.0, the World Wide Web Consortium has made a large step towards promoting interoperability on the Internet.
The HHHH does its collective best to author clean HTML. One way we check this is with W3C's HTML 4.0 Validation Service.
Doing our part to encourage self-regulation, we've rated our common pages with the RSACi set of PICS labels.
As one of the two major browsers in use, we test our pages with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. By far, IE supports the most HTML 4.0 and CSS2 of any browser we've tried.
As the other of the two major browsers in use, we also test our pages with Netscape's Navigator. Although it doesn't seem quite as compliant as IE (above), Navigator still holds the lion's share of the browser market, especially when you consider Unix platforms.
Because we're completely insane (well, not really) we also occasionally make sure our pages are readable in Lynx. While not up-to-date in terms of HTML 4.0 compliance, Lynx does a good job of showing what our pages look like at a bare minimum. Also, it keeps us from doing client-unfriendly things like relying on images for anything.
The Center for Democracy and Technology, along with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Citezen's Internet Empowerment Coalition, rallied support to help defeat the (then soon-to-be judged) Communications Decency Act. Now, the push is towards user control (self-regulation) to help parents control the content accessible by their children without wreaking wholesale censhorship across the 'net.

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