About HHHH Associates

The Happy Hopeless Hacker House was, once upon a time, an actual physical house containing a quartet of more than somewhat goofy guys who thought it would be really neat to take three computers and pretend that they were as important as the rest of the net. (This was back when having Internet access at home was a weird and wonderful thing. Yes, I know, these days Grandma has a 19″ rack with an antimacassar on it. You kids get offa my lawn.)

We have since grown into a gaggle of geeks (or is that a “school of nerds”?) and dispersed across the West Coast. Nevertheless, we still think having our own net presence is kinda cool, and it's useful to have a few servers and a domain name to call our own. HHHH Associates is just our whimsically corporate-style name for ourselves. You never know when you might need something to put on some letterhead.

Just to be clear, we're not 4-H, nor are we related to them in any way at all.