A Note About Sponsorship


In short, I don't have any. Nobody pays me to maintain this web site. I do it because I like it. I do it because I have found it difficult to obtain good information about chocolate, and I want to make it less difficult for others.

I am not soliciting sponsorship, nor do I plan to solicit sponsorship, nor will I accept sponsorship for this web site. There are two reasons for this. One, I desire greatly to retain total editorial and authorial control over the content of this site. Maybe I'm a control freak. Maybe I just don't want people pressuring me to say or not say anything about particular products. Two, I desire greatly that there be no hint, expressed or implied, that there is any bias in my reviews towards one chocolate or another based on anything other than the pure eating experience.

Free Samples and Submissions

I have as yet received no chocolate samples from representatives of any chocolate company in the world. I actually prefer not to; being forced to get my samples through ordinary retail channels or through contributions from other ordinary people seems like the best way to maintain neutrality.

However, anyone who represents a chocolate producer that wishes to be reviewed on this site is welcome to send me samples for review, but they do so at their own risk. If their products are terrible, I'll have absolutely no qualms about giving them a bad review. And if their products are wonderful, I'll happily share that information as well.

I will gladly consume any chocolate sent to me, or share it with my friends, but I will not review a free sample sent to me if it falls outside the category of "plain chocolate bar" as discussed elsewhere on this site.

As always, people who wish to send chocolate for review should first email me at cloister(at)hhhh(dot)org.