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I used to try to keep up with all the interesting chocolate sites on the web. It's a hopeless task, and I realize that now, so I'm stopping. Instead, I'm going to point you the very few sites that do a much better job of keeping up with all the web's chocolate sites than I ever could. If I used to have a link here to your site, I apologize for taking it down, and I heartily encourage you to get your site listed with one of the lists below. I may, from time to time, add a link or to if sites of particular interest come to my attention, but that isn't likely to be a frequent occurence.

Here are some other sites on the WWW I've found or stumbled across that relate to chocolate. This list is pretty old, and contains many stale links. if you're looking for any specific product or specific company's product, my recommendation is that you simply visit , which has arguably the net's best list of links to chocolate sites.

Specialtyshops.net has, by far, the web's most comprehensive set of links to chocolate sites. If you're looking for the webpage for some particular chocolate company, start here. Most chocolate company sites offer on-line ordering now, so this is a great way to get obscure chocolates no matter where you live.
Complete Chocolate is a great resource for professionals, home chefs, and bakers alike. You can find links to sites for just about every kind of chocolate accessory here, from countertop tempering machines to holiday-themed candy moulds to industrial chocolate manufacturing equipment.