Once in a while people ask me for chocolate related book titles of various sorts. Here are some I've encountered over the years that I recommend. Just click on 'em to go to the relevant Amazon.Com page.

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Chocolate
A lovely coffee table book and general reference. The large format makes for easy to read type and lovely illustrations. Included are a generous history section, a useful techniques section, and over 200 recipes for everything from everyday chocolate chip cookies to exotic Hot Chocolate Zabaglione. The techniques section could stand to be less brief; it covers a wide variety of techniques in too few pages, and is probably most appropriate for people with at least a little bit of experience in working with chocolate.
Chocolate: the Consuming Passion
I first encountered Sandra Boynton's delightful Chocolate: The Consuming Passion as a child. Boynton's humorous treatment of this most beloved subject remains as entertaining now as it was 15 years ago. Two thumbs up.
Anne Willan's Look & Cook Chocolate Desserts
Anne Willan has a series of Look & Cook cookbooks, but who cares about the rest of the series when you've got this excellent chocolate dessert cookbook on your shelf? (Or better yet, on your counter!) Chocolate recipes are often complex, and full of subtle pitfalls for the novice; this has easily become my favorite dessert cookbook due to the clear breakdown of the recipes into step by step directions, and the masterful photographs illustrating the trickier steps in each process.
Chocolate: the Food of the Gods
This book by Chantal Coady is a short but quite readable introduction to the history of chocolate. The small page count mandates a rather brief treatment of this length subject, but Ms. Coady flavors the discussion with plenty of specific anecdotes from historical writings that give the work a nice overall credibility.
Bittersweet Journey
This book's subtitle, "a moderately erotic novel of love, longing, and chocolate," is entirely accurate. It is a beautiful book: tender, passionate, thoroughly wonderful. Enid Futterman should be worshipped, like unto a god. Buy it, rent it, steal it, or devour it cover to cover standing in the bookstore, but read it.

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