Index of Baby Pictures for october

Peeking through the mobile above the bassinet. Waking up happy! Sleeping on Mommy and Daddy's comfy bed
Playing in the bassinet Playing in the bassinet Daddy cuddles!
Mommy self-portrait with baby Mommy self-portrait with baby Bath time!
Bath time is fun! Hey! You can't just put me down and leave me here! Turbo hands
Working on the nursery Mommy painting my walls Daddy being anal about the baseboard areas
Tante Bibi making clouds on my ceiling I know I can turn over, I know I can! Ok, maybe later. It's dark. Shouldn't I be sleeping? Yes, Milo, you should.
Sitting with Daddy on the couch Sitting with Daddy on the couch Sitting by myself on the couch.
Sitting by myself on the couch. Lying down is much easier. Look at my cute pumpkin hat!
Daddy likes playing with my hands. Sleeping angel I can sleep anywhere...
...anytime. And here's the rest of my pumpkin outfit. I can tell I'm going to like halloween!