Index of Baby Pictures for august

First picture. He's less than an hour old here, and still very much in shock. This was taken at about the same time as the last one. Getting his transfusion
Getting his transfusion Holding Jason's finger. Transfusion is finished, and his color is improving already.
A nurse installing yet another IV line. Mommy gets to see him! He's around 3 hours old here. He went up to the NICU so fast after being born that Terina didn't get but a glimpse of him as he went up. Happy Mommy!
The Unnamed Baby. Even after we picked a name for him, all his official hospital paperwork lists him simply as "boy". Not even a day old, and already all over that pacifier action. Finally, sleeping peacefully. The cotton wads in his hands are to keep him from bending his wrists too much, so as not to upset his IVs, and to give him something to squeeze.
The sign they put up over the baby warmer in his room. Mommy finally getting to hold him. The tube in his mouth is there to draw out some bile and meconium that was irritating his stomach.
Mommy's first kiss. Happy mommy!
Daddy finally getting to hold him. Such an intense look! Daddy needs a shave.
Daddy needs a shower, too, but Milo is too polite to say anything. Zonked out. He does this a lot. Holding Mommy's finger.
Wrinkly baby feet! Tiny baby feet. An adoring mother.
Sleeping peacefully. Mommy applying the binky. Checking out the world.
Family portrait with Karen. His "Turkish sailor" hat. Ok, maybe you had to be there. We love that binky.
The Thinker, by Rodin. Holding Daddy's pinky. Cuddling with Mommy
Cuddling with Mommy Cuddling with Mommy Cuddling with Mommy
Cuddling with Mommy Cuddling with Mommy Cuddling with Mommy
Cuddling with Mommy The tube in his nose is a feeding tube, and the stuff on his wrist is holding down his PICC line (a central line for fluids and meds). So peaceful. What a good baby.
Burping him after nursing. Can you feel the love? Grandma Karen holding him.
Zzzzz. Did I mention that he does this a lot? He's just so cute when he sleeps, it's hard not to take pictures. Baby Tai-Chi, position 1. Baby Tai-Chi, position 2.
Cuddling with Daddy. His "curious" look. Cuddling with Daddy.
Sleeping like a baby... Crying on Mommy's shoulder. Telling Grandmother Beckwith all about his troubles.
Everybody loves a new baby. The automatic binky-assist device. Getting his hearing test (he passed).
Hangin' with Grandpa B. Hangin' with Grandpa B. I give up! Don't shoot!
Check out the shiners. This is a consequence of the blood he leaked into his scalp starting to drain out. Sometimes a black eye is a good thing. Mommy is so comfortable. I'm so tired. I think I'll just lay here for a while.
Last checkup by Dr. Jackson before being released. This is the doctor who worked on him after he was born and pretty much saved his life. We like Dr. Jackson. Alert and squirming. Waiting around before going home.
In his carrier On our way out! First time in the car.
Crossing the threshhold. Home at last! Home at last!
With Auntie Deborah Sporting the far-out tie-dye jammies Sandy and Barb gave him Cuddling with Mommy
Cuddling with Mommy Cuddling with Grandmother Getting his first bath. We don't have good pictures of this because, well, it was not a terribly successful exercise. There was a lot of wailing and crying, so we didn't dawdle to take a lot of pictures.
Clean baby, now calm in a towel. Grabbing his face. He likes to do this. Weird. Cuddling with Daddy
Playing with Grandmother. Tummy-time, time to work on those push-ups and head-lifts. Listening to his first story book, "Papa, please get the moon for me"
Nap time. The blanket helps keep bright light from the patio door off him. Yo yo yo! What-up, homey? The every popular sarcophagus pose. Daddy finds this one pretty comfortable himself...
Terina took this picture while holding him in the baby sling that Auntie Lydia made for us. Cuddling with Grandmother Cuddling with Grandmother
Playtime! Playtime! Come on. How could I not take this picture?
I sure hope he grows to like this sling, because it's way easier on Daddy's arms. Wow, man, check out my hand. Well you're brave, Aunty Deborah. Holding me in your work clothes without even an urp cloth...
Hi everybody! With Grandpa Eric With Grandpa Eric
With Grandpa Eric With Grandpa Eric C'mon, I can take ya!